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Security-first approach to your cloud strategy

Take charge of cloud risks before they turn into breaches.


Digital14 can help you define your security strategy, manage and monitor security alerts from these solutions. The benefits of cloud are large, but so are the risks. 

Organisations and their associated staff are using cloud services more than they are aware of. Whether you are buying infrastructure as a service or software as a service applications, those solutions need to be secured. Although cloud providers have greatly enhanced their security features, you still need to evaluate, enable, and deploy security controls.


94% of organisations are moderately to extremely concerned about cloud security.
66% of organisations are not confident at all to moderately confident in their cloud security posture.
75% of UAE organisations suffered public cloud security.

Assess my cloud now

Assess, Understand, Transform and Monitor your Cloud Security Strategy

The cloud can deliver applications and data to help your organisation move faster and be more competitive. Recent COVID-19 work from home restrictions has proved that organisations with cloud capabilities were able to maintain business continuity more easily.

However, this "anywhere - anytime" access to applications and data can also cause organisational challenges in terms of regulatory compliance, data and privacy governance, security controls strategy, adversarial threat analysis, and more. Learn more on how Digital14 can help your organisation break through these complexities, mitigating business risks.

Cloud Advisory and Assessment Services
Cloud-Specific Incident Response
Cloud Vulnerability Assessments
24/7 Security Operations and Threat Intelligence
Cloud Architecture Implementation & Delivery
Penetration Testing

Common Issues Affecting Security Posture

Lack of regulatory or industry standards compliance
Lack of regulatory or industry standards compliance
Lack of insights into cyber risks
Lack of insights into cyber risks
Lack of cybersecurity resources
Lack of cybersecurity resources
Weak access management and security configurations
Weak access management and security configurations

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