Cybersecurity Professional Certification

Gain the necessary cybersecurity skills to mitigate cyber breaches and reduce business risks.

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Getting started

According to research, hiring for cybersecurity consulting services for a one time 3-month engagement costs almost the same as setting up a fully functional internal 3 member cybersecurity team with certifications. The Cybersecurity Professional Certification (CPC) programme aims towards building capabilities of cybersecurity personnel to enable them to effectively respond to cyber incidents, manage risks, govern the management of security operations and comply with applicable standards.

CPC is an extensive 24-week programme, applicable to fresh graduates and entry-level cyber professionals, which compromises of technical and psychometric assessments, performance-based training and structured On-the-Job training (OJT) with either Red (Offensive Security), Blue (Defensive Security), or Green (Governance, Risk and Compliance) teams. The programme will include the opportunity to build skills working in a Cyber Range Lab. The programme will conclude with a capstone project and a professional certification upon the completion of the assessment.

What will I learn?

IS Governance, Risk & Compliance Management
IS Governance, Risk & Compliance Management Cyber Analyst Need-to-Know from COSO ERM and ISO 31000 Frameworks and Key Information Security Compliance Principles.
Advanced Blue Skills
Advanced Blue Skills Challenges of Incident Response, Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting, SOC Technologies, Using Honeypots, Memory Dumping.
Incident Management
Incident Management Incident Response Principles, Functions, Roles and Responsibilities, SOC Operating Models, Post-incident activities.
Advanced Red Skills
Advanced Red Skills Semi-Automated and Manual Vulnerability Identification Methods, Fuzzing, Social Engineering, Exploit Writing and Editing Basics.
Ethical Hacking Principles
Ethical Hacking Principles Penetration Testing Planning, Execution and Lifecycle Management, Penetration Testing Standards and Guidelines.
Cybersecurity Professional Essentials
Cybersecurity Professional Essentials Hardware and Software Fundamentals, Networking Basics, Access Control, Cryptography Fundamentals, Windows and Linux Command Line, etc.

Programme Details

24 weeks
5 Sept.
Start Date
15 July
Enrollment deadline
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Did you know hiring a managed services provider for advanced security for a year for a large enterprise is 90% more expensive compared to setting up an internal member cybersecurity team with certification?

Why Choose Digital14's CPC?

As a business you will

  • Reduce costs and dependencies on cyber services providers by acquiring the essential skills missing within your organisation.
  • Reduce business risks through crucial cybersecurity skills that will enable you to quickly mitigate, respond to and manage cyber breaches.
  • Elevate your organisation’s security posture, allowing innovation in pursuing digital transformation business initiatives.

Why Choose Digital14's CPC?

As a cyber professional you will

  • Progress or even transition your cybersecurity career to highly-sought positions.
  • Gain business leadership and life skills which will enable you to excel in your cyber career.
  • Gain confidence around UAE compliance, cyber standards and best practices.
  • Programme created in partnership with the Higher College of Technology and accredited by NCFE UK (Northern Council for Further Education).


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