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We’re Nurturing Cybersecurity Talent

Cybersecurity skills remain the most prominent challenge organisations face in their battle to protect critical data and systems against destructive and sophisticated cyberattacks.


Our programme is focused on building and maintaining the next-generation talent pipeline. Our goal is to immerse, develop, manage, and grow talent in the digital and cybersecurity domains.


An alarming 45% of organisations report that they lack the skills required to navigate today's increasingly destructive and sophisticated cybersecurity landscape confidently.
Advisory Services
Advisory Services
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA) revealing organizational skills readiness by specific functions, roles and responsibility levels
  • CyberSmart's formalised staff cyber awareness training
Training Services
Training Services
  • Digital and Cyber Academy's hands-on knowledge training programme supporting Cyber, DevOps, Big Data, and more
  • Job-ready, mission-capable
  • Ruwad Programme nurtures talented STEM students into innovative technical stars
  • CyberSmart School's provide cybersecurity awareness to students, staff and parents

Integrate cyber education to meet the accelerating threat of cyber risks.

Against the backdrop of a complex and growing cyber threat landscape, where 57% of businesses now assume their IT security will become compromised, organisations are starting to realise that one of the biggest risks against cyberattack is their employees. In fact, 52% admit that employees are their biggest weakness in IT/OT security, with their careless actions putting security strategy at risk.


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