Official Cyber Security Provider of Expo 2020 Dubai

Delivering a safe, secure, and connected World Expo.

Through the delivery of a holistic cyber security framework, Digital14 is tasked with providing continuous cyber monitoring, risk assessment, incident response, and digital forensics to ensure Expo 2020 Dubai is one of the safest and most technologically secure World Expos ever held.

At the core of its mandate as the Official Cyber Security Provider, Digital14 will oversee the cybersecurity of Expo 2020’s entire digital platform – as well as the applications and data it supports – to safeguard the data of millions of visitors and more than 200 international participants.


Expo 2020 Case Study

The more digitized an event becomes, the more vulnerable it is to security breaches, which presents a significant cyber security challenge. Because Expo 2020’s digital agenda entails a unique and seamless digital user experience, cyber security is essential for the protection of data, instructure, and the network, as well as monitoring all operations.

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