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27 May 2020

Smart cities unlock business potential but are increasingly vulnerable Proliferation of smart and connected devices offer opportunities for cybercriminals

Smart cities are expected to boost lucrative business opportunities for the UAE and the... Read more

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21 April 2020

‘Changing Lives’ together: Digital14 teams up with Emirates Loto to secure web and mobile platforms

Digital14, a UAE-based trusted advisor in digital transformation and cyber resilience, announced a partnership to provide cybersecurity services with Emirates Loto, the region’s first,... Read more

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27 FEB 2020

Digital14 awarded by Malaffi to secure patient information

Digital14, a UAE based trusted advisor in digital transformation and cyber resilience, and Malaffi, the Abu Dhabi Health Information Exchange, have inked a deal to provide cybersecurity services Read more

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22 Jan 2020

Digital14 announces Elham Al Qasim as
Chief Executive Officer

Digital14, an Abu Dhabi based digital transformation, secure solutions and cyber resilience organisation, has announced the appointment of Elham Al Qasim as Chief Executive Officer. Read more

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06 Jan 2020

Abu Dhabi Power Corporation Awards Digital14 to Provide Digital Technology Solutions

Abu Dhabi Power Corporation (ADPower) and Digital14 entered into an agreement, whereby Digital14 will provide solutions to enhance digital resilience within ADPower’s group of companies. Read more

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6 Aug 2020 | Enrique Pena

Data sovereignty: How offering your customers control over their data can benefit your business

Oil has reigned for centuries as one of the world's most valuable resources. Read more

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28 July 2020 | Shivani Jariwala

How to assess if a cloud application model is right for your organisation?

Many organisations are rapidly adopting, migrating, or expanding their use of the cloud. Read more

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23 July 2020 | Enrique Pena

Data privacy as a value proposition: A proactive approach to increasing trust with privacy and data protection

Today’s rapid increase in the adoption of digital services and the data they generate is creating an opportunity for enterprises.. Read more

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21 July 2020 | Marc Brown

Digital transformations live or die based on their level of intrinsic security.

Digital transformation, the primary fuel for most intelligent business and public services innovations, are changing the way we live and work. Read more

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13 July 2020 | Abhilash Govindaraj

Future-proofing WFH policy

Many organisations have not been comfortable with the notion of work from home (WFH) mainly due to their previously established work cultures and lack of documented policy and.... Read more

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09 July 2020 | Enrique Pena

Cyber Resilience: How security, safety and resilience ensure cyber stability

In previous blogs, I’ve discussed ‘secure by design’ principles and the importance when executing digital transformation strategies. Yet, I’ve have not defined security, safety or.... Read more

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06 July 2020 | Girish Krishnamoorthy & Shivani Jariwala

Assessment and evaluation of your business continuity plan during and post COVID 19

Following on with our first blog about “Crisis Management Essentials for those that do not have a Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19” , we are moving to discuss .... Read more

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02 July 2020 | Rene Duettra & Tuhin Goswami

How to implement a cloud-based business continuity plan

Safety of employees and the continuation of core business operations are two key objectives which underpin an organisation’s approach to survive a crisis. In most cases, the survival of the organisation is at risk due .... Read more

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30 June 2020 | Kevin Estis

Phenomenon-Based Learning and the Impact Upon Cyber Education

Before we can establish how Phenomenon-based learning has affected the way we educate students in cyber-based skills, we must understand the basics of Phenomenon-based learning and cyber itself.... Read more

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25 June 2020 | Enrique Pena

The trove of trust: How security and data privacy underpin quality

Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something. It is often seen as the acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence or investigation. In reality, trust is... Read more

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22 June 2020 | Jose Carrera & Leonard Kamau

How can the UAE leverage the EU GDPR

It has been two years since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into enforcement(1). The law was designed to protect consumers, their digital identities, and how their... Read more

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18 June 2020 | Enrique Pena

Cybersecurity as an investment: How cybersecurity generates business value

In your organisation, is cybersecurity considered a core component of the fundamental business? Or is it still seen as a business... Read more

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17 June 2020 | Jose Carrera & Ahlam El Mhamdi

How to develop a functional cybersecurity skills development programme for your organisation

This COVID-19 pandemic has shifted just about everything. Cybersecurity is no exception... Read more

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15 June 2020 | Enrique Pena

What is your strategy for the post-pandemic era of work transformation?

The roughly last three months, mandatory remote work has been a shock to countless people and their employers. Work at home practices necessitated by the pandemic has uncovered instantaneous gaps and inadequacies in the toolsets provided ... Read more

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11 June 2020 | Jose Carrera

How has COVID-19 affected universities admissions?

Normalcy here in Abu Dhabi, UAE, United States or anywhere globally for that matter has been affected by the spread of coronavirus and its associated ... Read more

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08 June 2020 | Shivani Jariwala & Girish Krishnamoorthy

Crisis Management Essentials for those that do not have a Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19

From where we stand today, the COVID-19 pandemic will have a profound and widespread impact on the world. The ripple effect it has created will... Read more

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07 June 2020 | Scott Rea

Trust Sovereignty – Part 2 : Realising the Benefits of Digital Signatures

In part one of this series, we introduced the concept that business occurs at the speed of Trust. We highlighted the need for some adjustments to the UAE's eSign Law, ensuring Digital Signatures ... Read more

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06 June 2020 | Guruprasad Muralidharan

Data Sovereignty: Meeting Data Sovereignty challenges while migrating to the Cloud

The unprecedented disruption caused by COVID-19 has had an economic impact on many Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) as well as the larger homegrown enterprises ... Read more

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01 June 2020 | Enrique Pena

Why governments and commercial enterprises need secure messaging

Messaging has been around since the dawn of mobile telephony. Mobile devices have become critical to both our personal and professional lives and hold more information... Read more

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31 May 2020 | Eric Eifert

The Future of Security Operations

COVID-19 has had and will continue to have prolonged effects on the continuity and evolution of operations and modes of working. With this evolution, organisations will continue... Read more

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28 May 2020 | Enrique Pena

Embrace digital workplace technologies as an investment to achieve business goals

At Digital14, we have developed secure communications solutions for government entities and commercial enterprises. As discussed in previous blogs here at Digital14 Insights, our approach to solutions... Read more

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21 May 2020 | Santhosh Kumar

The Risk Prioritisation Process in an Increased Cyber Threat Landscape

It is well-known by now that cyber criminals attempt to take advantage of every global event that draws major... Read more

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18 May 2020 | Marc Brown

Sovereignty: The essential factor when discriminating Cloud partners

As a follow-up to my last blog, "Data Sovereignty and Cloud SaaS Providers", I thought it was important to dig a little deeper... Read more

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14 May 2020 | Scott Rea

Trust Sovereignty – Part 1 : The Rise of Digital Signatures

We live and transact in a hyper-connected society. More and more of our identity in that society is being absorbed into virtual personas of our physical existence as we become entangled in the online... Read more

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11 May 2020 | Lee Cocking

Governments are starting to recognise a private national sovereign cybersecurity partner is a better choice

Industrialised nation-states are facing a growingly challenging dilemma. On one hand, the critical functions of their societies... Read more

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7 May 2020 | Andrew David

The Games Hackers and Security Professionals Play

Practice makes perfect they say and in the ever-changing field of computer security, Capture the Flag contests.. Read more

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5 May 2020 | Marc Brown

Data Sovereignty and Cloud SaaS Providers Do You Know Where Your Data Is? You need to.

As organisations in the UAE begin to consider deploying or expanding their use of applications in cloud infrastructure Read more

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30 April 2020 | Jose Carrera & Amira Khattab

Staying Secure While WFH

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has forced extensive remote working processes abruptly into focus. By doing so, it has suddenly presented IT and Infosec leadership... Read more

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23 April 2020 | Lee Cocking

CxOs need to embrace a security-first digital workplace. Here’s why.

As organisations begin to look beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and embrace a new normal that could consist of multiple work-from-home wavesthere is mounting pressure Read more

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20 April 2020 | Shivani Jariwala

Cloud Security Governance Considerations for Organisations

At no other point in time has there ever been such a need for the instant availability of IT resources enabled by the cloud than during this coronavirus pandemic. Read more

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16 April 2020 | Bernice McCallum

Critical Importance of Cyber Threat Intelligence for WFH Workforce

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the world, affecting all socio-economic systems, the digital space is also facing another invisible threat. Read more

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13 April 2020 | Mihai Andreescu

Why Security Operations Is More Important in Today's WFH Era

Recent global developments have impacted almost every aspect of how organisations typically operate... Read more

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9 April 2020 | Enrique Pena

Why consumer messaging apps and video conference services can’t be trusted?

In the current times amid social distancing and a global lockdown, messaging and video conferencing.. Read more

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6 April 2020 | Sumit Dhar

Making Remote Work, Work

How can the UAE government and commercial organisations embrace and succeed with remote working? Read more

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2 April 2020 | Alan White

The vital importance of performing penetration testing

Cybersecurity issues have become a day-to-day struggle for government ministries and businesses.. Read more

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31 MAR 2020 | Saeed Basweidan

Cyber SMART: How prepared is your remote staff?

A recent poll shows that cybersecurity preparedness for remote working is inadequate for 70% of organisations.. Read more

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26 MAR 2020 | Marc Brown

Living and working in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Have you ever wondered or thought about moving abroad to take that dream job? And what if that dream job was in Abu Dhabi? Read more

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22 MAR 2020 | Nilesh Patel

The EU Stance on Messaging Apps Matters - But Why?

A few weeks ago, news broke that the EU Commission is prohibiting administration and staffers from using WhatsApp. Read more

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Business Continuity: CIOs Pandemic Readiness Plan

Business continuity management is well underway at most organisations. Whether COVID-19 Coronavirus officially becomes a pandemic or not, critical planning and policy updates are needed. Read more

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19 May 2020


Digital14’s first Cyber Resilience Report for 2020 is published as public and private sector organisations begin to focus on the multidimensional impact of the IoT. This document delineates the exponential growth of the threat landscape. Read More

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27 April 2020

Analysis on Cyber Activities of the Maze Ransomware Group

The Digital14 Threat Intelligence Center (D14-TIC) analysis on the recent activities of Maze ransomware group indicate that security measures and protections need to be in place in order for organisations to adequately address this threat. Read More

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15 April 2020

Cyber Threats In The Midst Of COVID-19 Pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disturb the world affecting all socio-economic systems, the digital space is also seeing another invisible threat: threat actors of varying sophistication are launching cyberattacks capitalising on the pandemic. Download our Cyber Threat Report

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