Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021

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Each year, the month of October is referred to as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and this year we wanted to keep the message simple, clear, and to the point.

Organisations tend to focus on different themes while addressing specific challenges and take steps towards a paradigm shift regarding cybersecurity culture.

Cyber security and information security is a shared responsibility across an organisation. However, for many people, the line between business data and personal data is difficult to separate, as the boundaries of our online and offline lives tend to be indistinguishable.

Our first and foremost line of defence is to stay vigilant, well-informed and be cyber smart. So take the opportunity during this Cybersecurity Awareness Month to ask questions, reach out to experts and specialists, attend any of the many free seminars, watch online talks, and participate in webinars.

To minimise the risk of being affected by emerging cyber threats, organisations typically plan phishing campaigns to raise awareness. Behind the scenes, however, organisations should:

  • Review and implement stronger security practices
  • Eliminate outdated/legacy weak points
  • Educate “vulnerable” audiences while taking extra care of high-value targets
  • Train employees on themes that are directly related to their everyday job function
  • Develop a plan that is actionable and measurable.

The human aspect of Cyber Security can be very challenging. Nevertheless, proactive steps lead to being well-prepared and being well-prepared leads to having a well-defined action plan.

In a such fast-evolving threat landscape, seize the opportunity to discuss what we can all do today, in order to defend against tomorrow’s threats and threat actors.

*Do you want more details about what you can do during Cybersecurity Awareness Month? Have a look at our link here:

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