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Our Virtual CISOs (vCISOs) provide advisory consulting to our clients. They help our clients conceptualize, design and implement a robust security program. The vCISOs balance client goals, compliance, and incidence response with detailed root-cause analysis to ensure cybersecurity risks are mitigated.

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The vCISO program provides clients with:

  • An expert, battle hardened CISO equipped with the D14 framework for building a holistic security program
  • A structured approach to enhancing client resilience across six critical domains ranging from Access Control to BCP / Disaster Recovery
  • Right governance structure and oversight to enable transparency, right KPIs and timely security reporting for business leadership.
  • Our vCISO will develop and deliver trust, provide the necessary leadership for your organisation and help you enhance your overall cybersecurity maturity. Leverage our expertise and transform your security posture.

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