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Secure your OT environment before it leads to devastating business disruptions and liabilities.

Along with OT efficiency gains comes a sharp rise in cyber risk. These previously “air-gapped” systems that were once fully isolated from the Internet are now connected to it, exposing its broad attack surface to new cyber risks. OT is complex and requires extensive domain knowledge and looking at multiple sector-specific standards.

OT is the new battleground: critical targets, high value impact, low maturity. A fertile breeding ground for attackers and a challenging area for entities.


$12.8 Million

Average cost of OT breaches in the oil and gas industry

OT security risks in a converged world

OT security risks in a converged world

  1. Human and environmental safety
  2. Regulatory and compliance liabilities
  3. Impact on products and services
  4. Loss of customer confidence and brand reputation

Secure your OT with Digital14

Assess A unified assessment framework using relevant standards. Evaluate current state and identify gaps. Define a target state that organisation would like to drive.
Transform Transformation programme with centralised governance & high leadership visibility for gaps identified in the assessment.
Educate Reduce OT cyber risks by addressing the human factor. Mitigate cyber risks through essential security awareness programmes.
Monitor Continuous on-going monitoring and management. Drive on-going processes like patch management, access reviews, maturity assessments, awareness monitoring, etc.

Assess, Transform and Monitor Your OT/ICS Environment

Today's OT and ICS systems have a growing dependence on IT networks, IIoT/IoT digital technologies, and shared OT/IT resources to carry out daily operations and to drive necessary business efficiencies. Unfortunately, IT/OT convergence has introduced a broader attack surface and new cyber and operational risks. Digital14's services offers critical infrastructure clients the peace of mind that their mission-critical OT and ICS systems are safe with comprehensive breach preparation and incident response services, active security monitoring, and threat intelligence services.

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