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Today's digital potential is limitless, only constrained by escalating cybersecurity risk, compromises and failures. Learn how our Cyber Defence team delivers peace of mind and freedom to teams around the globe.

At Digital14, our finger is on the pulse of tomorrow, today, to bring complete openness, trust, transparency, community, and unity to every facet of your digital estates. We provide full-spectrum cybersecurity capabilities that help our customers detect, protect and respond proactively to cyber issues.

With our expertise in securing businesses, cities, and governments, we have developed a risk-driven cyber transformation and resilience framework that ensures holistic cybersecurity. We partner with our clients throughout this journey to help them enhance their cybersecurity posture, deliver better business outcomes, and achieve the impossible.

Digital14 Cyber Transformation And Resilience Framework

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( 6 Management
+ 9 Technical )


Security Controls
( 60 Management
+ 128 Technical )


( 223 Management
+ 475 Technical )

Shown framework specific to NESA UAE IA. Others supported: ISO 27001, NIST and more standards

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Risk Management

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Security Architecture

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Communication Security

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Disaster Recovery

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Security Operations

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Access Control

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Data Management

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Access Management

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Security Management


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Enhanced Cybersecurity Maturity

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Leadership Assurance

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Cyber Advisory Services

Digital14’s Cyber Advisory Services deliver value by providing visibility, assurance, and vision across your security initiatives.

From building a security strategy to executing a security roadmap that is aligned to your overall business strategy and objectives, we help you navigate the biggest complexities and challenges.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

With a deep understanding of national and international standards, the GRC team provides services that assist you in supporting security policies, addressing gaps, and achieving compliance, via well-defined frameworks and standards. And, we do this by aligning security with business requirements and strategic initiatives.

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Cybersecurity Strategy and Roadmap

We recognise that enterprises face financial, human, and organisational constraints when driving cybersecurity. For this reason, we aim to help you remove complexity, prioritise your approach, and create a tailored strategy and roadmap that is aligned with your organisational objectives.

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Trusted Advisors / Virtual CISO (vCISO)

We help clients through virtual CISO capabilities inform their senior leadership, in the language of the board and CXOs. If a CISO isn’t on your radar yet, we can play that role on an interim or ongoing basis.

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Testing and Validation

We offer sophisticated robustness testing of infrastructure, applications, and devices including product security and supply chain security assessment covering software, hardware, telecommunication equipment, and cryptography within our ISO accredited, advanced testing and validation lab. We conduct advanced vulnerability research that feeds into testing and validation activities, along with ongoing threat hunting, proactive incident response, and digital forensic services.

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Cyber Solutions and Delivery

We believe in security by design – a foundation that underpins your enterprise success in today’s evolving digital world.

Our 360-degree security deployment approach and stack supports all use cases: migration, integration, and transformation. This enables our Cyber Solutions and Delivery teams to deliver:

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Professional Services

Providing proven expertise to undertake cyber transformations, migrations, integrations, and end-to-end holistic implementations.

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Technology Resale

Offering vendor neutrality gives us the flexibility to work with customers’ existing infrastructure and to evaluate, select, design, deploy, and handover optimum technology solutions.

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Service Management

Utilising our Service Management Framework, we offer 24/7 SLA driven services to operate effectively, efficiently, and economically to provide a robust, scalable, and flexible solution to our customers.

We understand that even the best-designed solutions mean nothing without collaborative execution and on-time delivery that satisfies the quality, security, performance, and functional goals of an organisation’s needs.

At Digital14, our services teams are focused on client deployment success, and view partnership, vendor neutrality, and transparency as essential elements throughout delivery and handover.

Our Cyber Solutions and Delivery team is more than a cyber-transformation ally—we are a collective of pioneers and innovators enabling seamless technology experiences that bring total knowledge into the cyber transformation paradigm for lasting impact and complete control.

Cyber Defence to focus on providing end to end Cyber Resilience

End state of Standards, Transformation, Operations with continuous monitoring and improvements underpinned by continuous assessments

platforms and automation

(Reduce effort, increase responsiveness and provide transparency of UAE security posture)

Project Orbiter

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Create Policies, Standards and Procedure

Drive the creation of UAE wide standards for IT, OT and Cloud along with supporting components. Work with regulators across UAE to define sector-specific standards and lay the foundation to drive the cyber security transformation.

Drive Using DIGITAL14 Cyber Resilience Framework

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Across Cyber, Cloud and OT

Work with critical entities across UAE to drive proactive, rapid and holistic cyber transformations. Help entities attain best-in-class maturity via our standardised security stack and playbooks. Transformation covers Cyber, Cloud and OT.

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Launch NSOC / NCFC

Launch a national-level cyber intelligence and operation fusion center to proactively monitor, defend and respond to any threats to UAE critical IT / OT systems and digital information.

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Continuous Assesments

Deploy sensor grid

Deploy sensors for continuously monitoring and assessing the cyber security posture across UAE. Output from these sensors feeds into the NSOC and provides a feedback loop for the transformation.

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Cyber Resilience Services

We envision a world where businesses and governments can traverse pathways to safer cybersecurity horizons—unobstructed.

Driven by client success, we work to understand your current cybersecurity posture and build a bridge for your cyber resilience ambitions.

Our phased Cyber Resilience Services approach provides you with a roadmap for elevating your cyber maturity. Through 24/7 continuous monitoring - measure, assess, and improve - we employ a blended approach that encompasses the best of machine-enabled human analytics, automation, and orchestrated incident response.

Situational Awareness and Threat Intelligence

Intelligence, hypothesis-based hunting

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Cognitive Security Operations

Proactive threat management fueled by AI and Intelligent Automation

Incident Response Orchestration

Intelligent automation, threat analysis, and deep investigations and forensics

The journey begins with our continuous assessment platform. Featuring smart, intuitive Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence features, this automated platform finds the latest vulnerabilities through vulnerability assessments, integrated threat intelligence, and continuous monitoring. The results: comprehensive cyber situational awareness—both internally and externally.

Once we detect cyber risks, our continuous improvement platform installs the latest patch, blocks or quarantines the threat. It then retests to validate threat mitigation. This continual loop acts as a constant feedback mechanism to deliver you a unique solution to better protect and defend your cyber landscape. Additionally, our cybersecurity proposition is enhanced by a next-generation Security Operation Centre (SOC).

Trust Digital14’s Cyber Resilience Services to enable peace of mind through around-the-clock, on-premise or remote monitoring, remediation, and resolution service. We don’t sleep so that you can.

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Government Solutions

Across the world, nations are walking a tightrope that is the paradox of digital innovation and digital assurance.

On one hand, smart nations, new technologies, and enriched digital interfaces promise a world of smarter, more secure economic and social progress; on the other hand, the imminence of malevolent threat actors, vectors, and attack surfaces are making the digital reality a challenging landscape.

To balance these competing forces, we have formulated a cohesive combination of talent and technology capabilities. This underpins our Government Solutions, which provide borderless solutions for a world unified under the banner of safer, secure systems. We believe this unified vision is essential to strengthening the defensive posture of nations and bolstering the world’s collective intent to combat cyber threats.

Our personalised Government Solutions empower nations to transform their stance towards national defence and security. Our focus is relayed via output by building bespoke solutions that enhance situational awareness, secure communications, and information flows while being prepared for potential orchestrated incident response. Digitally-enabled cognitive capabilities and resilient operating models are fundamental to this in an incisive bid to keep nations’ critical information systems protected, safe, and resilient.

Digital14’s Government Solutions provide agencies and security entities with the tools to navigate the cyber domain with the assurance that their adversaries are not as well equipped for the challenge.

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