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Protect critical collaboration without compromising productivity, with a secure messaging with voice and video call tool, with true end-to-end encryption and auditing. It is engineered with Secure-by-Design principles to add an extra layer of security for your communication, for safeguarding your digital workspace

KATIM® Messenger Mission critical information and communications are private, secure and trusted at all times. KATIM® Messenger is a defence-grade end-to-end encrypted messaging application designed for private and secure organisation communications, collaboration and decision-making.
Supports secure federation allowing organisations to recognise and register users from outside organisations that are trusted enough to be added to the closed loop within the KATIM ® Messenger app.
Your data belongs to you, is never monetised or shared. It is stored In the cloud in the UAE or on your servers if you opt for on-premise deployment.
Your communication is end-to-end encrypted and cannot be seen by anyone.
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PKI-Based Identity
Enables secure provisioning of users and components with HSM-supported PKI credentials.
Compliance and data leak prevention
Record encrypted text, voice and video communications for the purpose of auditing and regulatory compliance.
Designed to run on secure smartphones
All our collaboration applications are designed to run with additional protections on our secure smartphones, ensuring an anti-tamper hardware root-of-trust.
Full-featured instant messaging
Encrypted instant messaging, with voice and video calls, message recall, timed messages, and more.


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