Cyber Resilience Managed Services and Threat Intelligence

Monitor, analyse, take action.

Threat intelligence, brand monitoring and security operation centres have become essential capabilities for every organisation to survive imminent sophisticated cybersecurity threats.


Digital14's Threat Intelligence service keeps organisations informed of advanced persistent threats, zero-day threats and exploits, and how to protect against them.


Our security operations centre acts like an intelligent hub, taking in telemetry from across an organisation's IT/OT infrastructure. We correlate every event or alert logged, and then using advanced technology, AI, and human analysis, take immediate proactive action.

56% of organisations wouldn't be able to detect or prevent a sophisticated attack. Don't be blind to threats or hidden intruders. 

SOC Advisory and Design Services
  • SOC Maturity Assessments
  • Cyber Security Operations Design
  • Cyber Security Asset Implementation
Managed Response and Security Operations
Available in three models, a SOC will offer:
  • Advanced threat monitoring and detection
  • Managed security infrastructure
  • Cyber incident response
Threat Intelligence Center
  • Threat intelligence feed
  • Digital risk protection
  • Intelligence analysis and reporting

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Which SOC is Right for You?

On-Premise CSOC
  • Visibility and insight into your security posture
  • Detect and proactively respond to security threats and incidents
  • Prevent security breaches and data loss
  • Efficiently manage security threats and incidents
  • Comply with national, industry, and internal regulations
Remote CSOC
  • 24x7, security monitoring of your environment
  • Reduced security infrastructure CapEx and OpEx costs
  • Ability to leverage world-class security expertise, processes, and leading edge monitoring and analysis tooling
Hybrid CSOC
  • Best of on-premise and remote services combined
  • Ensures complete 24x7 coverage including weekends and public holidays
  • Timely response and mitigation of cyber security incidents

24/7 Urgent Incident Response Support & Retainer

Digital14 provides proactive incident response planning, advisory support, and retainers to help you prevent incidents before they occur. Respond and manage cyberattacks immediately.
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