Cybersecurity Defence & VAPT

Strengthening your cyber defence posture by eliminating the undiscovered.

Prepare, Discover, and Respond.

The foundational aspect of every security and breach resiliency programme is a clear understanding of your attack surfaces, weaknesses, and areas of strength to combat today's advanced cyber adversaries and threats.

We use a unique blueprint that combines vulnerability assessments, continuous improvement, and response to advance your cyber defence at a speed and finesse unmatched in the industry.

Software Security Testing
Software Security Testing
  • Software fuzzing, reverse engineering and binary analysis
  • Source code analysis, embedded software security and mobile security
Hardware Security Testing
Hardware Security Testing
  • Hardware security assessment
  • Hardware reverse engineering
  • Side-channel analysis
Telecommunications and Mobile Security Testing
Telecommunications and Mobile Security Testing
  • Telecommunication networks (core to end users)
  • Radio, audio and video security
  • Advanced signals and protocols analysis
Cryptography Lab
Cryptography Lab
  • Cryptanalysis of non-standard algorithms
  • Protocol cryptanalysis
  • Kleptography & Backdoors
  • Protocol verification

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