Cybersecurity Strategy

Empower your business with a flexible risk-based security roadmap.

Chart your cybersecurity journey and unlock innovation.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s more challenging than ever to protect your organisation against security threats.

The ability to innovate, to use new technologies, and to grow securely requires an end-to-end cyber risk strategy driven by an organisation’s executive leadership. We help develop an actionable roadmap and governance model to support your security priorities in an era where cyber is evolving continuously.
Cyber Strategy Assessment and Gap Analysis
We work with clients to determine their risk tolerance, and to identify their key business risks and cyber-threat exposures.
Cyber Training Education and Awareness
We assist organisations to develop and implement a well-defined cyber risk culture, and educate employees about threat awareness to help accelerate behavioural change.
Cyber Enablement and Deployment
We enable executives to recognise, analyse, and deploy cyber threat mitigation solutions, enabling them to unlock the business value of innovation with confidence.
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Digital14 Cyber Resilience Framework

Digital14’s Cyber Resilience Framework provides a proven approach to managing and maturing cybersecurity with confidence, based on your specific business, priorities, threats and capabilities.

Supported by a dedicated and intuitive transformation framework, we help organisations to understand their level of cyber resilience based on their critical business assets, their threat landscape, in-place cybersecurity controls, and the maturity of their cyber capabilities.

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